Effectivity of Antenatal Excercise on Labor Process in Puskesmas Pancoran Mas Depok

  • Destin Daifa Akademi Kebidanan Pelita Ilmu
  • Marlynda Happy Nurmalita Sari Akademi Kebidanan Pelita Ilmu
  • Rasumawati Rasumawati Poltekkes Kemenkes Jakarta I
  • Saepullah Saepullah Akademi Kebidanan Pelita Ilmu


The labor process requires physical and mental preparation from the pregnant woman to get a safe and smooth delivery. One of the preparations that pregnant women need to do is to do gymnastics exercises is one program for pregnant women to train the muscles and to maintain the physical condition of the mother towards the process of labor. The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of pregnancy exercise on the delivery process at Pancoran Mas Depok Health Center in 2018. The type of Quasi Experiment research with the Pre-test and Post-test Control Group Design approach used 50 samples which were selected on a proportional to size sampling basis. By training pregnant women to carry out pregnancy exercises, it is hoped that pregnancy complications can be prevented, so the delivery process can run smoothly so that it can contribute to reducing AKI and AKB. The results of bivariate research show P value 0.003; OR = 9.333 (p <0.05) means that pregnancy exercise has a good effect on the quality of labor. Other variables such as age (p = 1,000; OR = 1,143), parity (p = 0,264; OR = 4,267), education (p = 0,391; OR = 2,044), and employment (p = 0,677; OR = 0,644) did not indicate meaningful effectiveness (p> 0.05) and no chance for the quality of labor. While the multivariate results showed that pregnancy exercise had an effect on the quality of labor (p = 0.003; AOR = 11.148 95% CI = 2.28-2-54.462).

Keywords: pregnancy exercise, pregnancy, childbirth.

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Daifa D, Nurmalita Sari M, Rasumawati R, Saepullah S. Effectivity of Antenatal Excercise on Labor Process in Puskesmas Pancoran Mas Depok. Jurnal Ilmiah Bidan [Internet]. 29Jan.2020 [cited 5Apr.2020];4(3):1-. Available from: https://e-journal.ibi.or.id/index.php/jib/article/view/138